Making SuperFoods Easy to Garden

Low–Tech designs using Nature's power.

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The most ecological

Hydroponic Microgreens Mini–garden

On the internet there are plenty of hydroponic microgreens mini–gardens. All made of plastic. It's not ecological. And over time plastics degrades and can contaminate the microgreens.

We are designing an affordable hydroponic ceramic mini–garden. It pays for itself quickly. All year round you will be able to cultivate delicious healthy microgreens, in the most ecological way :

  • In 6 to 10 days,
  • without artificial light,
  • and only two or three watering.

Replanting the earth with SuperFoods

SeedsBalls to Regenerate Nature

We need new and more ecological growing methods, and more robust natural Seeds. With SeedsBalls we can plant a lot of trees, food and medicinal plants. That's make growing food as easy as growing weeds!

Wilder growing conditions also mean wilder fruits and vegetables that are exponentially more concentrated in good vitamins and minerals than those coming from industrial agriculture.

Plant almost everything almost everywhere! Simply by tossing seed and compost balls. Fight climate change by growing lots of SuperFoods that are full of vitamins and flavor.

  • Already ⅓ of the World's Certified Organic lands are Wildcrafted.
  • Rewilding Farming is a powerful way to regenerate Nature.

A simple tool that you can build yourself to make lots of SeedsBalls: